Hello Unititled Folders! I'm Dmitry Smith & we welcome you to our first Photoshoot for the FW 22 season, which took place in Thessaloniki.

The entire new series "comes" from the future & focuses on our relationship with the body. The numbers as well as the lines are created in such a way that they fit perfectly on any body type.






Our first photo shoot symbolizes the beginning of a new "tech" clothing line that is about to make waves worldwide. The colors of the t-shirts follow the magic & shades of nature.

- Green symbolizes the color of the peanut & reminds us of a feeling of harmony, freshness & security. If you want to feel fresh & safe at the same time, green would definitely be a good solution for you!

- Lilac is the color that is intertwined with rare flowers of nature that evoke a feeling of romance & nostalgia. . It also indicates knowledge, creativity & independence. If you identify with the above you will definitely choose this color!

- Black in nature is found mainly in classy buildings and in general in luxurious things. For this reason it is directly associated with elegance & mystery. Our black t-shirt is highly recommended & is an essential color that everyone should have