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Who We Are

Untitled Folders began as an idea that was scribbled down on a napkin, in the dinning halls of Lafayette College in the fall of 2018. The creative director and founder, Dmitry Smith, had just recently endured a career ending injury, puncturing his kidney during his spring football game 6 months prior. This injury was a complete overhaul and redirection for his life. As a full scholarship athlete, even though he was injured, he had to commit a requirement back to his athletic program to fund the remainder of his scholarship. Dmitry began filming his teammates so he could continue to live vicariously through them, watching them play the game that lead him to everything he knew in life so far. Every night, Dmitry was tasked with creating new content and videos for his program, untitled_folders were spread across his screen. His new practice, was editing videos. His new weight room sessions were carrying around film equipment from game to game, arena to arena and from team to team. At first, this journey was daunting. Creating many moments of adversity, however every single day, those untitled_folders got better and better. The pure persistency of doing something little by little everyday, and allowing for the folder to form its own result, is a prolonged experience of euphoria that he believes everyone should consider relishing in.

Dmitry is paired with his best friend Nick Pearson @encrypted_folders, Co-Founder and Head of Content and Media. Nick and Dmitry met on their official visit and were paired as roommates, and then their freshman year wore numbers #37 and #38. Nick is a former 2X State Champion in Track and was one of the top performing wide receivers in his league. Nick and Dmitry's senior years both were cut short during COVID, and that's when they began conceptualizing the idea of partnering on the brand. Both faced with moments of adversity, as we all were with the unforeseeable future of COVID, they really began to buy in to the notion that you are the creator of your world, you see it as it sees you. Only now exists. Only your untitled_folder can exist with you creating it, changing it, manipulating it to fit whatever you want it to be.